We offer the following:

Free Estimates Sidewalk Edging   
Weekly Mowing   Spring and Fall clean ups
Fertilizing (For more info see below) Sod removal  / Replacement
Aeration De-thatching / Power Raking
Mulch Refreshing Snow plowing
Shrub Trimming  

Dougherty’s Lawn Care applies all of its own fertilizer as well as provides an aeration service twice a season. These services are not sub-contracted. This is to give the kind of quality service that Dougherty’s Lawn Care has built its reputation on. I want to be able to give you, the customer, top priority on all of your lawn care needs. When you sign up for these services, I guarantee the best results. My goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Fertilization Program Specifications

Fertilization and Weed Control

Custom Program
This is the program that Dougherty’s Lawn Care will be providing for the 2019 season. It utilizes granular fertilizers and weed control. Spraying with a liquid is used in the 2nd and 4th applications and also for other specific weed control throughout the season.  Fertilizer to be used on any fertilization will be determined by soil and weather conditions.

1st Application (End of April or Early May)
Fertilization. A pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass will be applied before ground temperatures reach 55 degrees.  **No grass seed to be laid down within 7 weeks of this application. A substitute application can be made by costumer request. **Please note!

2nd Application (May through June)
A liquid form of pre-emergent for herbicide control will be applied. This includes dandelion control and crabgrass follow up. 

3rd Application (June)
Fertilization. Broad leaf weed control and Trimec will be applied at this time.

4th Application (August or as needed)
A liquid form of weed killer follow up will be applied. This application may be skipped if not needed at this time. **This is a free application to customers who sign up for the full program. Application will be chargeable to those customers who do not sign up for the full program. **

5th Application (August)
Fertilization. Broad leaf and post emergent crabgrass killer will be applied at this time.

6th Application (October)
This will be the winterization granular fertilizer with low phosphorus.